Courtney in his Art Studio

Artist, Courtney Hernandez

About Me

I was born and raised in the twin island state of Trinidad and Tobago, West Indies. The only boy in a family of six children. I have five sisters, one older and four younger than myself. My artistic talent became evident while I was in high school.

Although I knew I had creative talent from an early age I was too busy engaging in outdoor fun. I had the opportunity to enter my first winning piece in my final year of high school. The Chinese Dragon became a focal point on my grandmother’s living-room wall. During my career as a Facility Manager, I was able to flex my creative muscles by creating constructional drawings. Naturally, as I transitioned into retirement from property management, I felt the need to continue in my creative skill but with more color and softer lines.

Today, there is nothing more gratifying than to relax in my outdoor-studio and express my innermost memories on canvas. My wife and daughters continue to be my biggest support and encouragement as I transitioned into my new retirement career and hobby. My paintings are in acrylic, water, and oil. My brushes are good to me, although, I have done quite well with knife tools. 

My pieces are sometimes painted as a collection telling a progressive story. 

Some paintings are paintings are renderings my own life events or vivid memories of something I have seen. 

Both memories and experiences are pictures etched in our minds, some of us are blessed with the gift to express it though the touch of a brush and a little paint.