Courtney Hernandez

Nature's Balance Inspires Me

My childhood years were spent between a busy main road and a sprawling seafront. I believe my inspiration is rooted in a unique expression of compromise between the noisy vibrant city- traffic and calming motion of the sea. 

Virtual Events

I enjoy talking about the story behind my art and meeting the people who love my art. I would love to see you at my next virtual art show! I host these events when I release a new collection.

Welcome To My Studio

Thank you for visiting my online Art Exhibition and reading my story. If you are exploring my site it may be because you have an interest in creative expressions.   I hope you find my pieces inspiring and well worth your time here. 

Explore My Paintings

As you walk through the galleries of my museum please take the time to breathe in the colors of nature. Listen for the whisper of a quiet stillness. Bask in serenity found in the balance between vibrant life and spirit. Most of all experience the impartation of sincere peace and joy I share with you.